By Sam Bussell



The Kingsman are coming state-side. In the wake of Comic-Con coming upon us this week, 20th Century Fox has released a brand new trailer and a whole bunch of character posters for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The film will be the sequel to the hit 2014 film Kingsman: The Secret Service.

The trailer showcases the Kingsman teaming with there cousin division the Statesman which is the American version of the spy organization after they are hit hard by an attack from the mysterious organization known as the Golden Circle.

The film looks to showcase the action that audiences fell in love with in the first film along with its zany comedy. Matthew Vaughn returns to the franchise once again to direct the sequel along with returning cast members such as Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, and Colin Firth, and tagging along with them is Channing Tatum Halle Berry and Jeff Bridges as agents of the Statesman and Julianne Moore as the villain who is one of the heads of the Golden Circle.

It will be very interesting to see if the sequel can be just as good or even better then the original. We only have to wait a few more months to find out.

Check out the trailer below:

Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theaters on September 22, 2017