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By Sam Bussell


This sequel looks to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

EW has released and the cover for their latest issue and its all about the brand new sequel to the 1964 Disney classic, Marry Poppins Returns. The issue holds brand new photos and concept art from the sequel that has been planned out for the last few years.

Picking up 25 years after the original, in depression era London, Mary Poppins returns to help out the now grown up Banks children and their families after the death of Michaels wife. This film has an incredible all star cast that consists of Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, Ben Winshaw, ‘Hamiltion‘ creator Lin-Manuel Miranda as Jack and Emily Blunt as the one and only Mary Poppins.

While the film may still be a year and half away these Graphic designs and set photos show the cast creating something magical that audiences will enjoy once the film hits theaters.

Mary Poppins starred Julie Andrews and Dick Vane Dyke in what is considered a Disney classic. Mary Poppins Returns will be directed by Rob Marshall who is well known for directing musicals such as ‘Chicago‘ and ‘Into the Woods‘ which also stars both Streep and Blunt.

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Images Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Mary Poppins Returns will be flying into theaters on December 25, 2018