By Travis Martin



It looks like Tom Hardy is going from playing a DC Comics character into a Marvel one. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hardy has just been cast as the lead for “Venom, Sony‘s comic book adaption of the Spider-Man‘s villain and antihero. Hardy is best known for portraying Bane, the Batman villain in “The Dark Knight Rises” and would have played Rick Flagg in “Suicide Squad” before dropping out.

Ruben Fleischer was also announced to be directing the project. The film will be in a separate cinematic from Sony’s current collaboration with Marvel on “Spider-Man: Homecoming. Instead, Sony will make its own cinematic universe from Venom and other Marvel characters they have rights to, like Black Cat and Silver Stable.

Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner will be writing the script for the project. While details are not as known, it is assumed that Hardy will be playing Eddie Brock, the most popular version of Venom. October 5, 2018 is the current release date for “Venom.”