By Edward Delaney


The summer is finally coming which means that comic book movie fans have a lot to look forward to. “Wonder Woman” is finally getting her own feature film. The plot involves Diana, princess of the fictional Amazon (not to be confused with Princess Diana of the United Kingdom) who learns from the lost soldier, Steve Trevor about the ongoing World War I. Diana decides to put on the super suit, get her sword and shield and fight some bad guys. Gal Gadot, who previously made an appearance as the same character in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, will play Wonder Woman and Chris Pine, known for his role in the “Star Trek” trilogy, will play Steve Trevor.

For the trailer, it starts out with an opening voice over of young Diana hearing from her advice from her mother, warning her about the dangers of mankind while intercut with an older Wonder Woman in battle; it is very similar to a vast majority of superhero trailers and does not stand out too much other than the choice of DC hero. Most of the trailer features some intense and fast paced shots played over dramatic music. As a viewer we can piece together Princess Diana defying her mother, joining Steve Trevor to grow accustomed to human civilization. “Wonder Woman” will hit theaters on June 2 of this year.