By Travis Martin



Warner Bros. has just released a full trailer for “Dunkirk, the war film from writer and director Christopher Nolan. The film centers on Operation Dynamo, where British, Belgium, Canadian, and French armies were surrounded by the Nazis on titular French beach Dunkirk. Because of this, a massive evacuation by was planned by the Allied forces and boat-bearing civilians.

The trailer shows one of these civilians (Mark Rylance) as he is taking his boat to Dunkirk. It also shows a British pilot (Tom Hardy) shooting down a German plane. The movie will also focus on the soldiers, specifically on young private Tommy (newcomer Fionn Whitehead). There are also shots of commanding officers (Kenneth Branagh and James D’Arcy) arguing about using civilian ships, and a scared soldier (Cillian Murphy) being pick up by Rylance’s ship.

The film also stars Harry Styles as one of Tommy’s fellow soldiers. Nolan also produced the film with Emma Thomas through their banner Syncopy Inc. It will also be produced by RatPac-Dune Entertainment. “Dunkirk” will release on July 21, 2016.