By Travis Martin



Sony Pictures has just released the official trailer for its long-awaited adaption of “The Dark Tower. This will be the second adaption of a Stephen King novel that will be coming out this year, the second one being “It. It is said that this film with be the first of a franchise, which spans 7 novels.

The trailer shows Roland Deschain (Idris Elba), the last of the Gunslingers, and his mortal enemy the Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey). In our world, normal boy Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor) has been getting visions of Roland, the Man, and a mysterious tower. It is through these visions that Jake finds a house that takes him out of our world into a world that has moved on.

It is there that Jake becomes embroiled with Roland’s ka, or destiny, to find and kill the Man in Black. However, the Man in Black once one thing: to destroy the Dark Tower that connects all worlds. Now, Roland and Jake must travel between worlds to stop the Man from completing his quest.

The film also stars Katheryn WinnickJackie Earle HaleyAbbey Lee Kershaw, and Dennis HaysbertNikolaj Arcel will direct the film from an adaption from Arcel, Anders Thomas JensenJeff Pinkner, and Akiva Goldsman. “The Dark Tower” is set to release August 4, 2017.