By Renee Ventaloro



Come one, come all, for your cinematic viewing pleasure; Universal Pictures brings you another Hollywood reboot. “The Mummy” first released a trailer at CinenaCon, and now has now followed up with a second trailer that has everyone talking. The follow-up trailer shows Tom Cruise, Annabelle Wallis, and Sofia Boutella. With more back-story of the film, we see Cruise’s, Nick Morton stumbling upon an ancient tomb, which he quickly finds out is actually a prison.

Director Alex Kurtzman takes viewers back to ancient Egypt where we meet the villainous Ahmanet (Boutella), as she is murdering a pharaoh in his sleep. Fast forward to current times, Ahmanet returns with a vengeance through a curse she put on Morton, creating a chain of events which requires Morton’s super-human abilities.

This is no simple reboot, my friends. “The Mummy” is just the beginning of the Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe. We have already seen the infamous Dr. Henry Jekyll (also referred to as Mr. Edward Hyde,) played by Russell Crowe. Johnny Depp’s “The Invisible Man” is said to make an appearance in the Cinematic Universe and is also set to have his own feature-length film. Other feature-length film characters include “The Wolf Ma” (rumored to be played by Dwayne Johnson) “Van Helsing, “Creature from the Black Lagoon, and “Bride of Frankenstein” (rumored to be played by Angelina Jolie with Javier Bardem as Frankenstein.) Fans have so much to look forward to from this epic Cinematic Universe. “The Mummy” hits theaters June 9.