By Travis Martin



Netflix has just unveiled the first teaser for its anime adaption of “Death Note. The 50-second teaser first begins when the titular Death Note falls from the sky and lands near protagonist Light Turner (Nat Wolff). Briefly, an apple is shown falling with a maniacal laugh following.

It is then that the trailer shows the Seattle setting, with a first look at Light’s cohort Mia Sutton (Margaret Qualley) and enigmatic investigator L (Keith Stansfield). Light is then shown reading the rules of the Death Note, and writing a name into it. Scenes flash of people killing themselves, of Light running from the police, and the message ‘Justice of Kira’ written in blood. The teaser ends with a blurry look at the source of the laughter before, which happens to be a death spirit and the previous Death Note owner Ryuk (Willem Dafoe).

The film also stars Shea Whigham as Light’s father and the lead investigator James Turner along with Masi OkaAdam Wingard directs from a script by Jeremy Slater and Charley and Vlas Parlapanides. “Death Note” will release sometime in 2017