By Edward Delaney


Ladies and gentlemen, get ready because another Transformers sequel is currently in the works. It has been almost ten years since the 2007 blockbuster Transformers” was released, and it was a huge success at the box office and among fans of the franchise. Now, Transformers: The Last Knight” will serve as the fifth film in the franchise.

The trailer for the film is dominated by the narration of Izzy, played by Isabela Moner. She is a rebellious young tom-boy whose demeanor parallels that of Arya Stark from the HBO hit Game of Thrones. Intercut with Izzy’s voice are what you would expect from an action movie trailer, tightly edited clips of robots destroying each other, missile torpedoes being fired, and buildings being wrecked in the chaos. It almost feels as if I am watching a trailer for the predecessor titled “Transformers: Age of Extinction, only this time it is the sequel. Speaking of “Age of Extinction,” Mark Wahlberg will be reprising his role as Cade Yeager, as he makes an appearance in the trailer.

Whether or not you feel as if the Transformers franchise is getting redundant to say the least, a sixth entry in the franchise will be released in 2019. More money in Michael Bay’s pocket, and another film which hopefully some people will look forward to. “Transformers: The Last Knight” comes out on June 23, 2017.