By: Renee Ventaloro


Actors Gal Gadot and Chris Pine took the stage at the Kid’s Choice Awards this past Saturday and dropped the newest trailer for “Wonder Woman.” This trailer takes us on a journey to the island of Themyscira, where we see Diana Prince’s (Gadot) early training in becoming the hardcore warrior we all love. While sparring, Diana discovers she is unlike the other Amazonian warriors of her world.

The trailer seems to do a great job at laying the groundwork for viewers that don’t know Wonder Woman’s story. We see Diana saving Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor, who crash-landed on Themyscira. Destiny somehow brought the two together, so naturally, Trevor takes Prince away from her home and brings her to London where she unleashes plenty of her Amazonian-warrior abilities.

Expectations for the third installment of the DC Extended Universe film are high, and for good reason. Fans everywhere are hoping for improvements from Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman, although cinematically catchy, both 2016 films came up short critically. Additionally, “Wonder Woman” will be the last impression fans and critics will get before the summer release of The Justice League.” 

Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2.