By Travis Martin



Despite the standalone Batman film not set yet, Warner Bros. is setting its sights on making a standalone film for one of Batman’s sidekicks. The Hollywood Reporter has been told that Chris McKay, who recently directed “The LEGO Batman Movie, is in talks to direct “Nightwing. Bill Dubuque will be writing the script.

Nightwing, aka Dick Grayson, was a kid acrobat in the circus with his parents, the Flying Graysons. However, when their death-defining act was sabotaged by a gangster, killing them, Bruce Wayne took pity on Dick and took him in as his ward. When Dick found out that Bruce was Batman, Bruce reluctantly took Dick under his wing, making him the first Robin. As he got older and began resenting Batman’s stern ways, Dick decided to go out on his own and led the Teen Titans. When Batman took troubled kid Jason Todd as a ward and became the new Robin, Dick decide to change his name to Nightwing from a suggestion from Superman.

Michael Cera recently voiced Dick Grayson aka Robin in “The LEGO Batman Film.” Robin was also played by Chris O’Donnell in the critically panned films “Batman Forever” and “Batman & Robin. It is unknown if the character of Nightwing will appear in “The Batman.” “Nightwing” currently has no release date at the moment.