By Edward Delaney


“The Ticket” starring Dan Stevens just launched its official trailer. What makes a movie trailer good is when the narrative of what you see is both vague and specific at the same time, so you are engaged in what is going on without catching any spoilers and you are left curious enough to want to watch more. That was exactly how this trailer felt.

From watching the preview we learn that James (Stevens) is cured for blindness and goes through the dilemma of continuing with his new life with his wife Sam (Malin Akerman) and his son. We here James in front of a crowd giving what feels like a sermon about a man who prays every night to win the lottery but never does so much as buy a ticket, and eerie echo to the films title. What exactly does this lottery symbolize?

The last 45 seconds of this trailer build an uncomfortable mood with some tightly knit editing. It makes “The Ticket” feel a lot more intense than your average drama film. I know that I am only going by the trailer, but think that this movie will captivate audiences further than your average drama.

The film is co-written and directed by Ido Fluk, and distributed by Shout! Factory. “The Ticket” will be released on April 7 of this year.