By Travis Martin



With David Ayer set to direct “Gotham City Siren, Warner Bros. is in search for a new director for the sequel to “Suicide Squad. According to The Hollywood ReporterMel Gibson is a frontrunner on the director shortlist for “Suicide Squad 2.” Other directors revealed on the list include Ruben Fleischer, Daniel Espinosa, and Jonathan Levine.

Gibson has gotten a career resurgence since directing “Hacksaw Ridge, which is nominated for six Oscars including Best PictureDirector, and Best Actor in a Leading Role for Andrew Garfield. However, Gibson has previously made negative statements towards superhero films, specifically toward “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Despite this, Gibson is supposedly reading up on the material, but has not said a definite yes.

“Suicide Squad 2” has no release date, actors, or writers involved.