By Travis Martin



After being cast in 2008, Dwayne Johnson may finally be able to play a comic book character. The Hollywood Reporter reports that “Shazam!, Warner Bros. and New Line‘s long developing superhero film, will be split into two films. Johnson is attached to both, being cast as Shazam’s arch nemesis and Johnson’s favorite comic book character, Black Adam, with the later film focused supposedly focused on the villain.

Black Adam’s origins begin in ancient Egypt, where Teth-Adam (‘Mighty Adam’), a servant from the African nation of Kahndaq, served the Pharaoh. It is during his servitude that he meets the Pharaoh’s advisor, the wizard Shazam who, impressed by Mighty Adam’s courage, gives him the magical powers of gods. However, after his home of Kahndaq is conquered by rivals and his wife and children are killed, Mighty Adam becomes enraged and uses his powers to murder his opponents and take back Kahndaq. Shamed by this, Shazam send Might Adam, now known as Khem-Adam (“Black Adam”) to another dimension. It wasn’t until Shazam gave young orphan Billy Batson powers that Black Adam return. While Black Adam can be considered a villain at times, comics have also portrayed Adam as a misunderstood antihero who cares more about the prosperity of modern Kahndaq and his philosophy of taking a life in retribution.

Henry Gayden is supposedly working on the script, with Geoff Johns producing. No director or casting for Shazam aka Billy Batson has been announced. “Shazam!” so far has no release date.