By Travis Martin



Illumination Entertainment has released a new trailer for “Despicable Me 3, the third of the franchise. The trailer introduces new villain Balthazar Bratt (Trey Parker), a former 80s child star turned super-villain with an outdated 80s fashion sense and style. It is then that the Anti-Villain League (AVL) head Silas Ramsbottom (Steve Coogan) sends two of his best agents to stop Bratt: Lucy Wilde (Kristen Wiig) and new agent and former villain Gru (Steve Carell). However, thanks to Bratt’s bubblegum escape tool and a boombox gun, Gru ends up hanging from strands of gum, naked. At the end, the Minions make an appearance DJing a beach party.

Despite Bratt being a focus, the film will also delve into the fact that Gru has a twin brother, Dru (also Carell). Russell Brand and Miranda Cosgrove will return as Dr. Nefario and Margo. Kyle BaldaPierre Coffin, and Eric Guillon are directing the film from a script by Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul. “Despicable Me 3” will be released on June 30, 2017 in theaters.