By Travis Martin



On Christmas Eve, a new red-band trailer has dropped for the “Prometheus” sequel and “Alien” prequel, “Alien: Covenant. 20th Century Fox is once again distributing, with Ridley Scott returning to direct the project. The film will star Katherine WaterstonMichael FassbenderBilly CrudupDanny McBrideDemián BichirCarmen EjogoCallie Hernandez, and James Franco

The trailer begins with one crew member being quarantined by another, as something comes out of the back of the other person in with her. The trailer flashes back, introducing android Walter (Fassbender), who is stationed aboard the colony ship Covenant. The trailer shows Walter interacting with crew member and terraforming expert Daniels (Waterston), where she, Walter, and others of the Covenant have found an uncharted planet. While it appears to be a paradise on the outside, Daniels questions her captain (Crudup) about what could be one this planet.

Things turn dark when the crew come across the same ship that Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and android David (also Fassbender) were in at the end of “Prometheus.” It is there that they find a Xenomorph egg, where a facehugger launches at Crudup’s character. It becomes apparent that aliens have boarded the Covenant, with Daniels running through the halls and handed a gun by a scared pilot (McBride). The trailer then ends with two Covenant members being attacked in the shower by a Xenomorph.

John Logan wrote the script based of a story from Michael Green and Jack Paglen. 20th Century Fox and Scott Free Productions are producing the movie. “Alien: Covenant” comes out on May 19, 2017.