By Travis Martin



A second trailer has come out for director Gore Verbinski‘s upcoming psychological thriller, “A Cure for Wellness.” In the new trailer, there is more story revealed around Mr. Lockhart (Dane DeHaan), an ambitious young summoned by his company for a task. After receiving a disturbing letter from the company’s CEO, Mr. Lockhart is tasked with retrieving the CEO from a wellness center in the Swiss Alps.

When he gets to the center, he discovers that the wellness center’s eerie demeanor and strange staff (such as the lead doctor Jason Isaacs plays) hold no answers to the missing CEO. However, after a car crash breaks his leg, Lockhart is taken back the the center and submitted to the same ‘cure’ that all patients take. As his sanity begins to deteriorate, Lockhart must escape and grapple with the secrets that the institute and patient Hannah (Mia Goth) have.

Justin Haythe wrote the screenplay based of a story he and Verbinski came up with. 20th Century Fox is distributing the film, with Verbinski, Arnon Milchan, and David Crockett producing. “A Cure for Wellness” will come out on February 17, 2017.