By Travis Martin



Roland Emmerich is in talks with Sony Pictures to direct an adaption of Blake Crouch‘s novel, “Dark Matter. Deadline broke the news on this, with Matt Tolmach producing the film. Tolmach and Sony bought the rights to the book back in 2014, around the same time that Crouch’s other book series, “Wayward Pines, was made into a television series.

In the book, Jason Dessen is a physics professor at a small Chicago college, a husband, and a father content with his life. Suddenly, Jason suddenly wakes up in an alternate dimension, where his theories of quantum many-worlds have allowed people to travel to alternate realities. However, in this reality, he did not marry his girlfriend and his son was never born. Jason is determined to get back, but this universe’s criminal elements that use world-hopping tech are determined to keep him in this reality.

Andrea Giannetti of Columbia Pictures will oversee the project. Emmerich just directed this years critically and financially panned sequel “Independence Day: Resurgence. So far, “Dark Matter” does not have a release date.