By Travis Martin



A new poster has come out from 2oth Century Fox for “Alien: Covenant. In the poster, it shows the iconic Xenomorph, or some variation of it, with the caption ‘Run’ atop it. Along with this, the poster shows an earlier release date instead of the previous release on August 2017. The movie will center on the crew of the colony ship Covenant who find a planet paradise that hides dark secrets underneath its surface.

The film will star Katherine Waterston as Daniels, Michael Fassbender as both “Prometheus” android David and new android Walter, and returning actress Noomi Rapace as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw. Also starring is Demián BichirBilly CrudupDanny McBride, and Carmen EjojoRidley Scott returns as the director, with Michael GreenJack Paglen, and John Logan. “Alien” Covenant” will now come out on May 19, 2017.