By Mandela Wells


Award season is in full effect right now, so many great films. For Amy Adams to be in a film that’s out during this time of year is always a good thing, because it means she’s apart of something spectacular. Adams is one of the best actresses out in the game today. So many versatile roles that she really goes for. With these roles and the amount of awards she has been nominated for, she arguably could be considered the female Leonardo DiCaprio, at least I think so.

In “Arrival, Adams gives us a really well rounded character in her first sci-fi flick. Arrival is not only is graced by Adams’s talent, but also the growing directing skills of Denis Villenueve and the always spectacular Forest Whitaker and Jeremy Renner. An original sci-fi flick that is huge in scale and covered in mystery.

Louise Banks (Adams) is a linguist who once had a happy life with her young daughter that died from cancer. Banks now lives alone and works as a professor at a local college when one day she is approached by Colonel Weber (Whitaker) to translate a message from the aliens who inhabit specific places on earth. Banks travels to one area in Montana where she and mathematician Ian Donnelly (Renner) go up into the space pod and try to make contact with them. Banks also throughout the film relives flashbacks of her daughter that have lead to many sleepless nights for the only woman who can find out why the aliens are on earth.

This is one of the most amazing films I’ve seen all year, one of the best for sure! It makes us reflect on our long standing years as the inhabitants of this planet. The breakdown of human language is unbelievable, along with the amount of research and time to gather all of this information. This lead of the literal core of humanity must have been insane. One needs true passion and intense curiosity to want to venture this deep into what makes our generic brand of communication what it is today.

Denis Villenueve continues to showcase his mastery of providing an intense and suspenseful atmosphere in any film he tackles. His direction is always great to watch as he pulls you in deeper and deeper into the story like any storyteller should. The film actually has some points that has you guessing as to what was in the past and whats happening in the present. Villenueve kind of leaves it up to you to decide what is what. This was smart and clever move that engages the audience even further into the mystery of it all.

Amy Adams gives a tremendous performance. The flashbacks really contribute to the characters inner struggle through this Louise sort of confronts her loss and the toll it took on her as well as reconnect with her own humanity with this work she does. Although Whitaker and Renner did a fine job in here, this was the Amy Adams show and she hit it out the park.

The music is incredible. It genuinely effects you. It also has decent mix of music to bring that eerie feel. Max Richter’s on the nature of daylight is the most beautiful orchestrated piece of heard in a long while.  The cinematography is dazzling! You get an intensely huge scope of the land in which the aliens are inhabiting or at least setting up shop at. The misty cloudy surroundings further enhances the slightly unnerving aura that engulfs the movie. when we see inside the large pod and how big in scale it is and how it makes you wonder what are we truly going to find up top. Good editing and amazing visual effects. These are very different kind of alien creatures then we’ve seen before. Glad to see the innovation in creating aliens hasn’t ceased.

This was just an overall amazing production. Until the December releases, so far my pick for best picture goes to “Arrival.”