By Travis Martin



A new trailer has dropped for the new LA-based musical, “La La Land. In the trailer, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling play actress Mia and jazz pianist Sebastian. In the trailer, after auditioning for a role, Mia hears a piano playing at the Lighthouse Cafe, where she sees Sebastian playing. Club owner Boss (JK Simmons) is introduced, where he promptly fires Sebastian on Christmas day. It is on this day of struggle that both wayward souls meet for the first time, and continue to run into each other.

As the trailer goes on, both Mia and Sebastian talk about how they will achieve each of their dreams. For Mia, Sebastian suggests writing herself roles for films, while Sebastian proclaims that he wants to make new jazz music. As they talk more about this and the doubts they feel, a new soundtrack is heard over images flash of people dancing, going into song, and the city of Los Angeles in her glory.

The film also stars John Legend and Rosemarie Dewitt. It is written and directed by Damien Chazelle. “La La Land” comes out on December 16, 2016.