By Mandela Wells


Ron Howard to some people is very similar to Steven Spielberg. He is able to transition from making huge epic blockbusters or big budget films to making something more grounded and award worthy. Howard’s Robert Langdon trilogy film series has been an interesting one to watch. Since the first film in 2006 he has brought to life (From the original Dan Brown books) some intricately thought out stories involving some of highly notable elements of history, from the Mona Lisa, the Illuminati, the Vatican, the Pope, Leonardo Di Vinci and even historical math like the fibonacci sequence.

In “Inferno, Howard tackles Dante Alighieri and the 7 Layers of Hell. Tom Hanks returns for the third time as Langdon, and is forced more than ever to rely on his intelligence and affinity for symbols to stop a worldwide threat.  Once again ,Mr. Howard brings us an exciting picture using actual paintings and theories from history.

Unlike the previous 2 films, we find Robert Langdon in a very different place in the beginning, a hospital. Langdon wakes up from suffering what he is told is a concussion. He receives help from his colleague Dr. Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones) as he tries to put the pieces back together. Langdon also realizes he is seeing visions of the world in ruins and people dying as well as fragments of what actually happened to him. Brooks and Langdon go on a high stakes highly suspenseful journey to uncover the truth surrounding Langdon’s visions and to stop a massive threat, all of which are connected.

I loved the opening. It was very suspenseful and sets the tone early. They definitely took a chance with the editing, and the arrangement of scenes and it paid off. The movie really has a Jason Bourne-type feel to it. It’s actually less mystery this time, more a race against time type thriller. One of the things I love about this trilogy is they are mostly standalone films like you could watch any one of these without seeing the other they are all separate stories but just with the same character. great script filled with twists and turns. just like its processors Inferno is really educational. You learn a lot about the plague and population on this planet we call earth. Very thought provoking.

Incredible imagery and visions, Ron Howard creates a scary and hardcore look into a destructive possible future. The stakes are so high in this film. Howard delivers us a fantastic and fun action film to watch. much better than his last film he made.

Another terrific performance from Hanks. Although the best of the series was the first film, he still manages to bring it here as Langdon and take him to a new place this time with this new cataclysmic event he must prevent. You see Langdon use his instincts to recreate what was lost from his mind. Tom hanks and felicity jones had very good chemistry together and played well off each other. Jones is really growing as an actress she acts off against Hanks with no fear whats so ever, lot of confidence on her delivery of lines. She does well in bringing to life this inquisitive, smart and reliable doctor. She does a successful turn from an Oscar performance in “Theory of Everything” to an action performance that’s got me excited for her in rogue one.

Fantastic cinematography. Having been to Italy myself its great to see the sights and they are shot and such a beautiful light. Good lighting and once again Hans Zimmer delivers a great film score. “Inferno” is an exciting picture that I have two thumbs up for. Go check it out.