By Mandela Wells


Ben Affleck has had quite an up and down career since he arrived on the scene in the early 90’s. He started out in a string of low level hits such as “Dazed and Confused” as well as “Dogma. “Good Will Hunting” shot him a step further into Hollywood stardom as he won an Oscar for writing the screenplay. The critically panned “Armageddon” was a box office hit that convinced producers he was leading man material. Into the 2000’s Affleck had an array of horrific misfires and box office bombs that made many question his overall acting ability as well as his decision-making when it came to scripts. Luckily, Ben caught a break with an award worthy performance in Hollywoodland” and then surprised everyone with his extremely impressive directorial skills in films like Gone Baby Gone, “The Town,” and “Argo. Affleck won another Oscar for the movie “Argo” as a producer and now away days is one of the most sought after filmmakers (acting and directing-wise) in Hollywood. Now he’s back as a leading man with “The Accountant.

“The Accountant” shows off the actor side of Ben and proves to be one of Afflecks strongest showings to date. A unique story with layers upon layers, Affleck leads a cast that features Anna Kendrick, JK Simmons, Cynthia Addai Robinson, John Lithgow, Jon Bernthal, and Jeffery Tambor. “The Accountant” combines the intelligence and complex financial lingo that made “The Big Short” a hit, with a dosage of Jason Bourne-esque action and suspense. Although it had some issues the Accountant is still an entertaining and original feature, one that is needed more of “Hollywoodland” (no pun intended)

Christian Wolff (Affleck) is autistic man with an incredible gift for numbers and is overall very smart. At the same time he is a highly trained capable fighter who sometimes has to get his hands dirty when he meets dangerous clients. Wolff is asked one day to look into the numbers for robotics company and find some irregularities. He meets a young woman named Dana (Kendrick) who also proves to be crucial in this assignment. As the two discover the truth behind the irregularities a shady group of individuals begin to target them and things get hairy very fast. The movie also looks at the life of Wolff and how he became who is when we first meet him

The movie was pretty good. It leaves plenty of room for a sequel or even a prequel of some kind. An issue which hindered the film to a degree, was it had too many subplots. There was about 3 stories at once in the overall plot so it was not too concise and thus it makes it very easy for the story to get confusing along with the complex financial lingo. For some that may not be the case but to others they will most definitely be having a hard time keeping up. Another issue was bits of dialogue and elements of the story seemed rushed. This could have paced a little better

The action in here was very enjoyable and so was the acting. ben Affleck gives arguably his most committed performance of his career. This was very different than anything I’ve seen him do in his career. you can tell he really put the work into creating this character. the mannerisms, awkward behavior and his lack of eye contact. He makes Christian Wolff seem very believable and you feel for him. At the same Affleck does what he has been able to do well his whole career present himself as a serious presence to any person he acts off against or fights against in a movie. Anna Kendrick was pretty good wish she had a bit more screen time. On the other hand Jon Bernthal made the most of his time and he gave a truly killer (no pun intended) performance as a sneaky and smart assassin who can seemingly match christian. Cynthia Addai Robinson actually impressed me here. I knew from CW‘s “Arrow,and she had acting chops but here she really creates a well rounded character with quite a past. JK Simmons was fantastic as well in here. there is surprisingly a really fascinating story behind ray king and his voice and delivery of his lines really has me convinced he is the right choice to play the next commissioner Gordon. I would love to see Simmons play another cop like this in a future flick

Director Gavin O’Conner reveals certain crucial elements in the film in a pretty distinct way, and really brings you straight into the heart of our title character. however he wasn’t completely perfect in his approach. The film also had very solid music along with solid editing. If you’re a fan of Ben Affleck, “The Accountant” is a movie to check out.