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By Brionna Rivers

Twitter- @Brierivers

Instagram- @Brie_rivers


Two more key characters in the upcoming film “Logan, the third of the Wolverine films, have been revealed. These new details come following the release of the films first poster last week.

In the poster, we see Logan’s clawed hand holding that of a small child. We now know that the hand belongs to a young mutant girl named Laura, also known as X-23. Laura, played by actress Sienna Novikov, is a two-clawed mutant girl, who like Wolverine has a regenerative healing factor and superhuman strength, senses and reflexes.

With mutant births in severe decline, “Logan,” follows a government- type operation called “Transigen” that is taking mutant children and turning them into killing machines. Wolverine ends up taking the girl under his wing developing a mentor, mentee relationship.

We also know that Boyd Holbrook will be playing the role of Donald Pierce, the head of security for Transigen. On Monday, a photo posted on the movie’s official Instagram, pictured Holbrook sitting in a car with the caption “Pierce.” However, more revealed that Richard E. Grant will play Dr. Zander Rice, the mad scientist behind Transigen and the creator of X-23. Rice is the son of Dale Rice, one of the original scientists in charge of Weapon X, the experiment that gave Logan his metal claws.

“Logan” hits theaters on March 3, 2017.