By Travis Martin



Last year, Alexander Skarsgård and Paul Rudd were cast as the leads for Duncan Jones‘ upcoming Netflix film, “Mute. Variety now reports that actor Justin Theroux has joined the cast for the film. Like Rudd, Theroux’s role is currently unknown. However, according to IMDbSam Rockwell is also rumored to be part of the cast with TV actor Gilbert Owuor.

In the film, which is described as a sci-fi neo-noir in vein with “Blade Runner, takes place 40 years in the future, where Berlin has become filled with Eastern and Western immigration and cultures. The main character is Leo Beiler (Skarsgård), a mute bartender whose is looking for a woman lost in Berlin. As Leo encounters gangsters and Berlin’s dirty underbelly, he discovers that the woman’s disappearance is connect to eccentric American surgeons (Rudd and Theroux).

Jones wrote the script with Michael Robert Johnson and Damon Peoples. It will be produced by Stuart Fenegan under his and Jones’ company Liberty Films“Mute” will come out on sometime in 2017.