By Travis Martin



It was already revealed that actor Boyd Holbrook would be the main villain for the final Wolverine film, “Logan. Now, the official Instagram profile for the film revealed a picture of Holdbrook, with the text “Pierce” below it. This means that Holbrook will be playing X-Men villain Donald Pierce.

Donald Pierce was a member of the Hellfire Club, a society of mutants who influenced events in favor towards mutants. However, unbeknownst to his club members, Pierce was actually not a mutant but cybernetically enhanced human and mutant-hater who joined the club in order to kill its members. It was not until his defeat at the hands of the X-Men that Pierce left the Hellfire Club. He would later appear again, but this time as the leader of the Reavers, a group of mutant-hating cyborgs that were already rumored to appear in the film.

Richard E. Grant will also be playing a mad scientist villain, one that is rumored to be the fan-favorite villain Mr. SinisterHugh Jackman will return as Logan/Wolverine, with Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier, and Stephen Merchant as Professor X’s albino mutant caretaker Caliban. James Mangold will return to direct a script by Michael Green and David James Kelly. “Logan” comes out March 3, 2017.