By Brionna Rivers

Twitter: @Brie_Rivers

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On Tuesday, Universal Pictures debuted the first trailer for the thriller Get Out.” Actor and Comedian Jordan Peele wrote and directed the film. Peele, known for his comedic chops, has had various roles in films and TV including the Comedy Central sketch series “Key and Peele, but this time audiences will be doing more screaming than laughing.

The trailer shows a young biracial couple named Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), and Rose (Allison Williams) who are traveling to Rose’s parents estate. This will be the first time Chris will meet them. At the start everything seems normal but as soon as the couple gets into town things quickly take a dark turn.

Chris learns that quite a few black people in the town have gone missing, and those that are still around display disturbing behavior, some even warning him to leave the estate. Once Chris realizes that he might be in danger it’s already too late as Rose’s parents and other begin to torment him. While some scenes showed paranormal events, others we’re seemed incredibly creepy.

Besides from the horror aspect the film seems to play on the issues of institutionalized racism and discrimination in todays society. “Get Out” will hit theaters on February 24, 2017.