By Jason Abdow


Sony has recently announced that it will be moving forward with a five-film franchise based on the Valiant comics “Harbinger” and “Bloodshot. The two comic series will be made into two separate franchises that then come together for a “Harbinger Wars” crossover film. The decision was announced after Sony renewed its option to adapt the “Harbinger” comic and will now be moving forward with the project quickly.

Sony had already announced that “Bloodshot,” which follows a fatally wounded soldier who is brought back by nanotechnology, was in the works but is now pushing the film back a year, introducing the character as the villain in “Harbinger” instead. “Harbinger” follows Peter Stancheck, a teenager with intense telekinetic abilities who joins the Harbinger Foundation that houses other gifted individuals, only to discover that Harbinger and its psychic founder, Toyo Harada, are using them for evil purposes. The script will be penned by Eric Heisserer.

Several other characters are expected to be incorporated into the film, such as Livewire, Generation Zero, the HARD Corps, and Faith, a character who received massive attention and will be featured in “Harbinger.” The films are being produced by Neal Moritz and Dinesh Shamdasani and have no confirmed release dates or cast.