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By Travis Martin



Famed 60s artist Andy Warhol has been portrayed numerous times in film. From Crispin Glover in “The Doors, to iconic popstar David Bowie in Basquiat, Guy Pierce in “Factory Girl, and even comedically in “Men in Black III” by Bill Hader. Now, Warhol is finally getting his own film in “Warhol, with actor Jared Leto set to play the real-life character.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news, stating that writers Terence Winter and Michael De Luca. The film will focus on Warhol’s titanic rise in the 60s New York art scene and forming the art studio The Factory and later Studio 52. It will also focus on the artist being openly gay, his hypochondriac tendencies, and his cold, shallow personality. Currently, “Warhol” does not have a release date.