Official Movie Poster

By Mandela Wells


Anyone who knows anything about Oliver Stone will tell you that his movies do one major thing: help you learn something. Whether its Vietnam, John F Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Media Fascination, Football or even the drug cartel, Stone makes you think and hopefully get a discussion going on the topic he covers. Stone once again tackles a huge subject and person for that matter, Edward Joseph Snowden. “Snowden” is more than just a movie it’s a passage down a dark and sinister rabbit hole. At the end of this rabbit hole is a world where the government was using mass surveillance in ways that it shouldn’t have. Oliver Stone, Joseph Gordon Levitt and the entire cast tell a story of how one man took matters literally into his own hands and did what needed to be done for our freedom and right to privacy in America.

Before all of what you know happened, Edward Snowden was an ordinary guy trying to make it in the army in 2004. Unfortunately he broke his legs and was discharged. He was then suggested to join the CIA, which he did in 2006. As time went on over the many years and jobs he was assigned to, Snowden noticed many irregularities and suspicious activity from the very people he worked with. By the time 2013 rolled around Snowden had all the knowledge and courage he needed to nab the info and head for Hong Kong to release the documents to the press. The movie also looks at Ed as a person, his relationship with his girlfriend Lindsay Mills (Shailene Woodley), and other aspects of the man that people never knew about.

Such a stunning and overall tremendous film. I am so thankful that he made this film because it is so important. Oliver Stone’s powerful directing portrayed the patriotism we’ve always known he’s had and the one Snowden had for this country. Stone really shows us how this one ordinary man took it upon himself to expose our government’s extreme lack of permission when it came to our rightful privacy as citizens. He gave us Snowden the freedom fighter, and I got no problem with that what so ever. The movie is also incredibly fascinating and makes me want to learn more about this type of work people do. It’s an emotional film but also a very intelligent and smart one. I couldn’t be more thankful and happy that this film was made it is so important and must be shown to the world.

Joseph Gordon Levitt nailed Snowden, Hell, he became Snowden. He got his voice down and his physical appearance too. He portrayed a man who discovered sinister secrets in the very government he swore to serve. He was a man who struggled deeply with his moral obligations and as time went on he knew he was going to have to make the biggest choice of his life. He generally cared for others including Lindsay and did what needed to be done for everyone who was guaranteed freedom and privacy in the US. Shaliene Woodley did a fine job as well in here. She played the even more personal struggle for Snowden as he had a special someone he wanted to protect as well but didn’t know how to properly handle all this. Honestly no one could have prepared for something like this. Great supporting roles from Melissa Leo, Zachary Quinto, Nicolas Cage, Rhys Ifrans, among others. They all played their part in this story.

Great cinematography, great editing, as well I loved the imagery used in here it gives a perspective beyond what we were seeing in just the film. I also loved the sights of Japan, Hong Kong and Hawaii. Snowden is the picture we’ve needed and one that I’m glad I saw. Two thumbs way up for Mr Stone’s film! “Snowden” is currently in theaters.