By Mandela Wells


I used to watch the Today Show every mourning before school for about 6 years straight. I cant believe in all that time I did not hear about the Miracle on Hudson nor Chelsey ‘Sully’ Sullenberger. The story itself is amazing and luck could not have been more on the side of everyone in that plane cause a lot could have went wrong and everyone would have been dead. Clint Eastwood tackles the aftermath of it all really well here in “Sully.

Before that fateful January day, ‘Sully’ Sullenberger was just like any other flight captain, having done his job for over 42 years with no problems what so ever. January 15th 2009 became the day that changed Sully’s life forever. 3 minutes into a flight from NYC to Charlotte, NC the plane engine blows out. Sully and his flight officer Jeff Skiles scramble to find a place to land the plane. With no runway in sight Sully makes the judgment call of landing the plane in the Hudson river. Miraculously no one died and the plane landed safely on the water. Sully is hailed as a hero and becomes a national celebrity. However what people didn’t know is that Sully was secretly dealing with the National Transportation Safety Board who were looking to deem his actions as a pilot error and end his career. The movie explores this dramatic aftermath as well as Sully’s struggle with his newfound fame.

This was very good. A really well made picture. Its surprisingly one of the shortest Clint Eastwood directed films I’ve seen he usually spans out the time greatly to like 2 hours or even 2 hours 20 minutes. Its similar in a lot of ways to “Flight, but there were some things that did differentiate from that film so I was happy to see that or else I wouldn’t have been to impressed by this film. The movie is so human, it deals not only with the miracle on the Hudson but just someone having a difficult time adjusting to celebrity status and questioning everything that has happened to him. Clint Eastwood direction in this film is so solid.

Tom Hanks delivers a fantastic performance as Sully. He was just a regular old pilot who got thrust into the limelight after pulling a heroic act. Hanks facial expressions when it comes to showing someone being haunted are absolutely terrific. You really feel for him as he is being overwhelmed with such much at once. Aaron Ekhart was great as well. Next to his wife, Jeff was Sully’s biggest supporter and was with him each step of the way. It was interesting seeing scenes play out with Laura Linney and tom hanks as they never shared a scene together. However, they were on the phone acting out lines to each other. That’s something you don’t normally see.

Clint’s been using new lighting in his films and I believe its showing his adaptation as a director to showcase more of the setting and actors as he tackles different stories. some well require us to see them in a certain light no pun intended, even if that light isn’t dim. Really decent editing in here too. “Sully” is the first of several award worthy films this coming fall and winter. A solid picture that I give 2 thumbs up for.