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By Mandela Wells


“Kubo and the Two Stings” serves as a unique animation film having been released near the end of the summer movie season. This is the story of a young boy named Kubo who has one eye and lives with his mother who possesses magical powers through the use of a Japanese guitar. Kubo inherits this ability and everyday makes origami come to life and tell stories to strangers. One day while out in the forest he comes face to face with his aunts who want to capture him for evil purposes his mother saves him but unfortunately thrusts him onto a dangerous journey to find an armor that will protect him from the dark forces that want him. He is helped along the way by a talking fighting monkey and a samurai beetle.

So this was pretty decent but I was a little disappointed though. I was hoping it was gonna be a bit more of a 5 star film than 3 and ½ star film. It had some issues writing wise. The script was a bit muddled and the real high moments weren’t as dramatic or had the carried effect as they should have. If they had fixed that it would have been a incredible film. the acting though was great from the cast

Charlize Theron was fantastic as the monkey. She reminded me of some of the serious women in anime films who secretly have a big heart and want the best for that particular person. She had a lot of grit as well. Matthew McConaughy plays a role I’ve never seen him play before. He was very playful and cartoonish and a good way. He truly expands his acting chops here and fits into the family friendly films very nicely. I was happy Art Parkinson gets his shine here in this film as Kubo after a somewhat minor role in “Game of Thrones” as Rickon Stark. He takes us on a unique journey with Kubo and plays him so well. His American accent was pretty spot on if you didn’t see “Thrones,” you would think he was from America.

The directing was decent to say the least. The animation is the best part of this film. Its stunning and unlike anything you have seen all year or in the last few years. It may seem like stop animation but its more realistic than that and the surroundings are on a high level visual scale. The style of it stays true to how some envision Origami coming to life. This is probably what will still propel this movie to the Oscars next year.

If your looking for a stand out animation film or just a standout film in general from this year, this is the one for you.