By Brionna Rivers

Twitter: @brierivers



For years Mattel has tried to make a movie based off their 90’s toy line “Max Steel, and now it’s first trailer has finally arrived from Japan.

The live-action film adaptation of “Max Steel” has been in the works since 2009. Taylor Lautner was originally attached to the title role, but left the project before development began. Little was mentioned of the sci-fi movie for a while until Mattel announced that Ben Winchell would be taking on the role of Maxwell “Max” McGrath.

Max Steel first hit stores in 1999 as an action-figure line before being transformed into an animated series the following year. After 9/11 Mattel stopped promoting the franchise in the United States, but its popularity continued to grow in Latin America.

Mattel’s story follows Max, a teenager obsessed with video games, who attaches himself to a cybernetic creature named Steel in order to discover what happened to his deceased father. Steel then becomes a hero, with extraordinary powers of speed and strength.

Mattel’s own studio, Playground Pictures, is co-producing the film, which is written by Christopher Yost. Winchell will share the big screen with Ana Villafañe, Andy García, Maria Bello, and Billy Slaughter in the Stewart Hendler-directed film. “Max Steel” will hits theaters October 21.