By Travis Martin



It seems like Doug Liman is leaving X-Men universe for a new one, as he will no longer be directing the Channing Tatum-starrer “Gambit. Instead, he will be directing “Dark Universe” for Warner Bros. growing DC Comics Universe. According to Variety, the split between him and 20th Century Fox was mutual, but now “Gambit” once again faces the problem of finding another director.

“Dark Universe” is based off the recent DC Comics series “Justice League Dark, which centers on a group of supernatural heroes and antiheroes that deal with dark mystical world that the actual Justice League cannot deal with. The team will consist of 5 members: John Constantine, a British, chain-smoking conman that deals with the mystic arts; Swamp-Thing, a former scientist who is burned by chemicals and fuses with the swamp surrounding it to become a plant-like monster; Zatanna, a magician whose family is connected with the magical arts and has had a romance with Constantine; Deadman, a former circus trapeze artist who, after dying, becomes a specter; and Etrigan the Demon, a medieval knight who is bonded with a demon by the wizard Merlin.

The story for the upcoming DC film is currently unknown. Liman’s next films include “American Made” with Tom Cruise and “The Wall” with Aaron Taylor-Johnson. He is also set to direct the adaption of “Chaos Walking” with Daisy Ridley. “Dark Universe” does not have a release date.