By Will Tarashuk



Oscar season is coming once again so trailers are being pumped out. Arrival” is coming out in the Oscar season but I’m not sure the kind of impact it will make.

The first trailer was released recently and the plot follows Jeremy Renner and Amy Adams as they explore a mysterious spacecraft that lands on Earth. Adams is shown trying to communicate with the aliens and they may hold the key to the human race’s survival as they are on the brink of global war.

The rest of the plot to this story is not really revealed in the trailer, which isn’t a bad thing, but I’m confused by this movie. Is it supposed to be a dramatic piece with underlying meanings or a mindless action movie that couldn’t land a summer release date?

Forrest Whitaker is also involved in the piece, directed by Denis Villeneuve. His role was not really explored but he is a top notch actor with a lot of talent. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited for “Arrival,” and will be seeing it in theaters when it is released on November 11 of this year.