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By Mandela Wells


Matt Damon doesn’t do a whole lot of action films. However, the Bourne films have been ones that Damon continuously nails and continuously gives us complex and well rounded stories. Jason Bourne the character is one of the most uniquely written action heroes in recent memory. An amnesiac special agent who doesn’t remember his past but maintains his ability to fight. Damon has taken us on a roller coaster of a journey with this character and we see the continuation of it in “Jason Bourne, the 5th film of the franchise.

Not since 2004 has Jason Bourne been seen in the public, or at least by the CIA. That is until he shows up for the first time in years to meet with Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles), who has gone rogue since the events of “The Bourne Ultimatum. Nicky informs Bourne that his father was also a part of the Treadstone program that wiped his memory. Bourne then sets out to find answers while still being chased by members of the CIA, including current director Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones) and CIA cyber analyst Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander).

Matt Damon has not lost a step with Jason Bourne he was great once again. For the first time you see Bourne actually be a bit conflicted, and it was pretty interesting to watch. Physically, Damon may 45, but he does the action and throws punches like a 25 year old. He looked good here physically. Alicia Vikander was also really good here. Her character is the most well written female character I’ve seen in all of the Bourne films. She portrays her well as this sneaky, mysterious woman who’s real agenda is kinda unknown. I couldn’t believe it, but for once in this franchise, the assassin character was actually given a backstory that connected to Bourne. I was waiting for this to happen as the assassin is like a signature character for this franchise. Vincent Cassel did an excellent job protraying the character known only as Asset, and he ACTUALLY SPOKE MORE than other ones. Tommy Lee Jones’s character was also well written. Great choice bringing him in.

The tone and fast paced style of the film is on point once again here. Paul Greengrass has made it one of the trademarks of the film and it still works even now. Greengrass’s overall directing was superb here. We get to further explore Bourne after witnessing the pinnacle moment in Bourne’s journey to regaining his memories in “Bourne Ultimatum.” here Greengrass paints us a picture of a man whom was almost fated to be the highly skilled agent that he is. Cinematography was the same as its been the last few films but I like it and its worked for so long now. One of the things I’ve also enjoyed about these films is that. The editing was good and so was the sound design

Going into the future, I want to see Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) of “The Bourne Legacy” and Jason Bourne meet.  I know what your gonna say Renner’s film wasn’t good, and it truly wasn’t, but he was not bad and deserves another run at the role but this time in Damon’s film.

Solid action picture, two thumbs up for sure! Really well written in my opinion and yes the film does indeed supply an ending that makes it clear we will probably get another Bourne film in the future. Anyway, go see “Jason Bourne.” You will not be disappointed.