By Travis Martin



A teaser has been released for Christopher Nolan‘s next film, the World War II drama “Dunkirk. In the teaser, which centers on the evacuation of Dunkirk, France aka Operation Dynamo, there are only images of Dunkirk’s beaches. There is a soldier who walks into the water, and then bodies covered in sand. It then goes to a group of soldiers on a boat, who see something in the sky coming towards them.

The film is written and directed by Christopher Nolan, and stars Tom HardyKenneth BranaghMark RylanceCillian MurphyJames D’Arcy, and Harry Styles. It is produced by Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas, and the production companies Syncopy Inc. and RatPac Entertainment. It will be distributed by Warner Bros. “Dunkirk” is set to come on July 21, 2017.