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By Mandela Wells


“Captain Fantastic” tells a very interesting and unique story involving an actor who rarely shows his face in the public. Viggo Mortensen stars as Ben Cash, a man living in the woods with his multiple children. Many years prior, Cash made the unusual decision to escape from the world and teach all of his kids a different kind of lifestyle. This lifestyle includes no lies, be smarter than everyone else, learning to be self sufficient and strong, and most off all not conform to the ways of normal people. One day, Cash finds out his wife, who was in a mental hospital, has passed away. He then takes his kids and sets out to crash the funeral and bury her in the way she always wanted. However, Cash and the kids also come face to face with the real world and it makes ben have to question if he can continue to raise his kids the way he has.

So, without question, this was a spectacular film! Such a great story! Viggo Mortensen gives a grade A performance here. I haven’t seen him in something this great since “Lord of the Rings. I mean, Eastern Promises” was good, but here he plays one of the most unique and distant characters I’ve seen in sometime. Ben intentionally cuts himself off from the world, and thrusts upon his kids a therapy and education of life that he considered salvation at a most terrible time in his life. You witness such an emotional arc with this character. Ben Cash also has some mystery too him that I woulda loved to have seen further explored but it was still great to watch.

The film had absolultely wonderful and well fleshed out writing. All of the kids were superb, and I bet they learned and maybe even retained so much high level information that they can brag about to their buddies. It was almost scary at times when even the young ones was dropping serious knowledge. Hell, the 8 year old kid even embarrassed two older boys, one even being in high school.

So well directed, with Matt Ross delivering us a film with spirit, intelligence and most of all makes us rethink a bit about our society and how we live in it and whats most important. Lastly I really liked the score and the lighting usage was really good here. This folks is a a must see film. Go to local indie theater and check it out. “Captain Fantastic” is out now.