By Sam Bussell



Whos says girls can’t kick some serious ghost butt. Director Paul Feige certainly thinks so. A remake of the classic 1984 film, “Ghostbusters, this films tells the story once again how scientists discovered that their was life beyond the living and came in the form of ghosts. The film also shows how they decided to fight this new threat save the world and become the Ghostbusters. In this remake director Paul Feige decided to take a different approach with the franchise and make the cast an female cast. The leading ladies consisted of Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate Mckinnion, and Leslie Jones. After all of the questions and concerns that people have had with the trailers and the marketing campaign in general, as well as the backlash this film has been getting since the first teaser trailer came out a while ago, the film has finally been shown to the public and all of the questions that this film has been subjected to will go away in an instant, cause I am here to tell you that while  is this film in no way up to par to what the original film was, “Ghostbusters” is a fun action comedy that is filled with some very funny jokes and crazy ghost filled action sequences lead by four down right funny women who have great chemistry together.

The Marketing campaign for this film doesn’t do it any justice. This is a down right funny action film and is lead by the ever funny director, Paul Feige. Feige does what he does best, which is incorporate a film with a mixture of comedy and action while throwing in a bit of heart as well. But the true stars of this film are the four leading ladies. Whoever said an all female Ghostbusters film would be a bad idea can be quiet once they see this film on Friday. All four ladies had tremendous chemistry together and I bought them working as a team to stop these evil ghosts from taking over our world. Their chemistry is what really sold me on this film being really good. You feel as though the relationships were real and that they were having a fun time in making this film. While some of the jokes and gags did get a bit old after a while the film is still able to find fresh new ones to keep the audience engaged in the film.

The standout out of the whole bunch to me wasn’t a Ghosbuster. It was the person who answers the calls for the team, their secretary Kevin, played by Chris Hemsworth. While going into the film I knew that Kevin would be a bumbling secretary and Hemsworth played right into that role.  I received the most laughs when he was on the screen, however they do change his  character up a bit in the third act and it derails the kind of character he became throughout the first two acts.

One aspect of the film that really interested me was Feige turned up the horror aspect of the film and in the beginning was really working for me but as the film went on it kind went away from it and decided to lean a lot more on the comedy and action and became a bit more campy.

In no ways is this film even close classic that was the first film, Paul Feige and his team of ghost fighting women have delivered us a fun summer blockbuster film. “Ghostbusters” is something that should not be missed.