By Will Tarashuk

@Will Tarashuk


I feel like my childhood has been violated after seeing the trailer for Imperium. That being said, wow, this movie looks great. Daniel Radcliffe plays an undercover FBI agent to infiltrate a radical right wing terrorist group. The film is directed by Daniel Ragussis and also stars Toni Collette.

If you didn’t know, Radcliffe became a household name playing Harry Potter. Since that franchise ended he has played minor roles but has kind of drifted off into oblivion, until now. The trailer focuses mainly on his character and that was the right move.

Radcliffe is a talented actor and he shows his talents in the trailer. This is a side of him audiences have never seen before and I for one am very excited. We see his struggles as a character and how hard it can be to go undercover. I am excited to see the range of his acting ability but at the same time I hope this isn’t only his movie.

I don’t know if Radcliffe can carry a film on his own without a wand. A strong supporting cast needs to be present with a strong lead villain. They are kind of shown in the trailer but for the first one this film looks like a must see.

“Imperium” can be seen in theaters on August 19, so expect more trailers to come!