By Sam Bussell



As we approach the halfway point of the year its time it is a good time to reflect and see how this years films have looked so far this year. There have been some surprises along the way and their have been the films that we thought would do good and produced the results they needed to and their have been some downright disappointments at the halfway point of 2016. At the top of the list of disappointments is handsdown the DCEU kickstarter that was “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

I know for certain that a whole lot of fans including myself were disappointed by that film. It was a horrible way of kicking off their cinematic universe. Although I was very excited about “Justice League, I was very worried at what the final product will be. I am still worried all of this new information regarding the film has given me cause to pause. While I  was still very disappointed with the film, all of this new information has made me think of the DCEU as a whole and has made me realize that “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was merely a growing pain on their path toward success.

What director Zack Snyder and his crew have said about “Justice League” so far has given confidence with the DCEU going forward. They have basically told the fans of the mistakes they made with their pervious film. These comments also give me reason to believe that moving forward DC will be trying to react to fan reaction and going along with that. Therefore, they themselves will react and try to change the films in order to appease the fans. Also one of the comments made by Snyder and Geoff Johns on making fans happy is that the DCEU will be taking a little bit more of a lighter tone than sticking with the darker of displayed in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

With these comments it transcends the rumors of the reshoots that “Suicide Squad” were filming in, where they wanted to make the tone a bit more lighter and fun. While I do believe that these films will be light and fun, they won’t the route of being as kid friendly as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is. More or less, these films will be geared toward bringing as many fans as they can and have them enjoy the experience of a lifetime. While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ isn’t the huge giant that Warner Bros want it to be when the year started, but in the long run the second installment in the still very young DCEU franchise could turn out to be a very significant turing point in the franchises road. This choice could allow DC Comics to be top dog with its competition in Marvel.

Image Credit: Screen Rant