By Travis Martin



After getting an Academy Award Nomination for Best Foreign Film for her debut “Mustang, Turkish-French director Deniz Gamze Erguven is making her way to Hollywood. Erguven is set to direct Daniel Craig and Halle Berry in “Kings, a drama centering around the 1992 L.A. Riots during the Rodney King trial. Deadline broke the news about this new film.

In “Kings,” the film will center on Ollie (Craig), one of the few white residents of South Central, who befriends a single mother (Berry) looking after her kids. When the riots break out, Ollie and the mother have to rely on each other to survive while trying to find the kids separated from them within the violence. The L.A. Riots where infamous for lasting for 6 days and killing up to 55 people after the police officers who beat up King was acquitted. Along with the videotape of King getting beaten, the riots also symbolize the aftereffects of police brutality.

French producer Vincent Maraval and his company Insiders are producing and giving the film to CAA to distribute domestically. “Mustang” producer Charles Gillibert will also be producing this film. Currently, “Kings” does not have a release date.