Courtesy of EPK.TV

By Travis Martin



Last month director Ron Letterman was announced to direct the new film adaption of “Dungeons & Dragons. Now, it looks as though Warner Bros. have found the star of the new film adaption. Variety reports that Ansel Elgort is in talks to take the lead role for the role-playing game adaption. This film adaption is written by David Leslie Johnson and produced by Brian Goldner and Stephen Davis of HasbroCourtney Solomon and Allan Zeman of Sweetpea Entertainment, and Roy Lee of Warner Bros.

Elgort made a name for himself with a role as Tommy Ross in the 2013 remake of “Carrie, then a role as Caleb Prior in The Divergent Series” starting in 2014. His first starring role was as Augustus ‘Gus’ Waters in “The Fault in Our Stars. Since then, he will star in the remake of “The Billionaire Boy Club” as Joe Hunt, and then as the titular Baby in Edgar Wright‘s “Baby Driver. Currently, the new “Dungeons & Dragons” is still in pre-production.