By Haley Albin


I’m that person who remembers when the moment happened. I’m that person who remembers where I was at that time. I’m that person who remembers what I was doing at that very second… It’s always been like that. And this one moment was definitely something I will never forget:

From the status of one of my Facebook friends, this person wrote , “…RIP Anton Yelchin. though i have only seen a handful of your films you were so full of talent and promise, and so young too. your Chekov in the Star Trek films will always be my favorite of your roles.”

I was in a restaurant in Koreatown, and I was reading this status on Facebook while enjoying my meal. My eyes widened, my jaw dropped, and my heart sunk. Then I wanted to immediately get the check because I completely lost my appetite for the eel I was eating and the strawberry soju I was drinking.

Anton, he’s gone… And it just had to be a freak accident.

Sure, you may remember him from “Charlie Bartlett” or the remake of the “Star Trek” series. But no, that’s not what I remember about Anton; I remember him from “Memoirs of Teenage Amnesiac.

Doesn’t ring a bell, huh? I figured. That was the first movie I saw him in, and it was released in Japan in 2010. Anton’s role was Ace Zuckerman, Naomi’s popular and charming boyfriend. After watching that film, I then watched the behind-the-scenes clips – and oh boy, was Anton quite the goofball! Since the rest of the Japanese cast was quite shy, he was the one who always perked them up with his talent and unexpected humor.

I absolutely loved that about him, he was truly one of a kind.

So why is it always these kind of stars being taken away from this world? Why is it happening way too often these days? Why are these recent deaths always done in the most violent way we can think of? Because of these recent happenings and freak accidents, there’s too much sadness and heartbreak in this world; so why must we add to it…?

Farewell, Anton – I’ll never forget you…

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