By Travis Martin



The second trailer has released for the remake of the swords and sandals epic, “Ben-Hur. The film, which originally starred Charlton Heston and Stephan Boyd in the 1959 version, now stars Jack Hudson and Toby Kebbell. It also stars Morgan FreemanAyelet ZurerNazanin Boniadi, Pilou Asbæk, and Rodrigo Santoro.

The trailer begins with Jewish nobleman Judah Ben-Hur (Hudson), who living in Isreal with his family and his adopted brother Messala (Kebbell). Feeling like a misfit, Messala leaves home and joins the Roman army. It is then that Ben-Hur’s family is betrayed, and Massala puts them to death. As Ben-Hur is being dragged to slavery, he is given a drink by a local carpenter (Santoro). After 5 years of being a slave on a ship, Ben-Hur is able to escape and becomes adrift. He is found by Ilderim (Freeman), who teaches him a way to defeat Rome and Messala is to win the crowd in the chariot races. There are then shots of the chariot race and battle between Ben-Hur and Messala. It then shows Ben-Hur back in Israel as he sees the local carpenter being forced to wear a crown of thorns and carry a wooden cross. Ben-Hur comes over and gives water the carpenter water. When a Roman soldier whips Ben-Hur and Ben-Hur is about to strike back, the carpenter, Jesus, says, “My life, I give it, of my own free will.”

The remake film is directed by Timur Bekmambetov with a script by Keith R. Clarke and John Ridley. Supposedly the film will be more base off the original Lew Wallace book. “Ben-Hur” will release August 19