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By Mandela Wells


“Now You See Me” was a film that had a lot off uniqueness too it. I mean real Houdini-like magic in an action film. Yet it was not as great as I was hoping at the time of 2013. “Now You See Me 2” actually does what any good sequel should do which is improve on what made the first not so great and make it better. “Now You See Me 2” takes things up a serious notch and gives a much better film with a steller cast.

Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo), who was revealed as the ringleader of the Horseman, is back and he is playing the façade of an FBI cop hell bent on finding the horseman. In the meantime the gang undergoes some new changes as it is revealed that Jack Wilder (Dave Franco) faked his own death, and that Henley (Isla Fisher) has left the group. The boys are now joined by newbee Lula (Lizzy Caplan), who proves to be quite promising. As the Horseman and Dylan are going forth with the grand return, things go awry and the horseman land all the way in China. The only way they can get back is too pull off a heist for sociopathic millionaire and magic fanatic, Walter Mabry (Daniel Radcliffe).

So going off what I said earlier, this was a great film that took me by surprise. It was a lot of fun to watch. Looking back on that first film, it felt very tamed and similar to a someone who is bestowed powers of some sort but doesn’t really access their full capabilities. In other words, the first film didn’t really go as far as this film did. In this sequel the makers let go of all restraints and really went to places with the magic tricks. Based on that, its fairly obvious that I thought the script was stupendous

The film featured excellent performances from the cast and the newbees Lizzy Caplan and Daniel Radcliffe. Dan was actually very good as a villain. This type of sociopathic villain is really the only kind I can see him play and he did it flawlessly. Lizzy Caplan fitted right into the horseman like a glove. she brought a real fun but slightly mysterious vibe to her that I would love the third film to explore more of. I liked the multiple dimensions for Mark Ruffallo’s character in this film. We get to see his character in a different light and path than the first one. Even Woody Harrellson gets more of a story in this film. Happy to see Jesse Eisenberg in this performance than that terrible one in “Batman vs Superman.

There were so many unbelievable tricks and visual effects. The rain scene with Jesse Eisenberg was incredible and my favorite one of all in this film. I also gotta give props to the chroegraphy and magic team for this film the card scene when they are all getting patted down was again unbelievable I really enjoyed that. In regards to Jon Chu, he did a good job. Well directed and there was superb camera work

A solid 4 star film right here. To get this story you do need to see the first film but than right after see this one and chances are you will like 2nd more than the first. Anyway, just go see the damn film its awesome!