By Travis Martin



Deadline has broken news that English playwriter and screenwriter Sir Peter Shaffer has just passed away today on June 6, 2016. He was 90 years old, having been born May 15, 1926. Shaffer was best know for writing both the play and film version of Amadeus, a film which would win 9 Oscars at the 1984 Academy Awards. This included an Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for Shaffer. For those who do not know the film, “Amadeus” is a fictional account of the rivalry and relationship between second-rate composer Antonio Salieri (F. Murray Abraham) and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Tom Hulce).

Shaffer is also know to have written the controversial play “Equus, about a teenage boy’s sexual fascination with horses, and the horrific crime he committed. This was also made into movie in 1977, starring Peter Firth as the boy and Richard Burton as his psychiatrist. Shaffer was once again nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay along with Burton for Best Actor and Firth for Best Supporting Actor.

Other plays, such as Terror in der Waage, “Five Finger Exercise, “The Public Eye, and “O Poder da Górgone” were made into films, television movies, and series. Peter Shaffer is survived by his brother Brian, and his nephews and nieces Milo, Mark, Cressida, and Claudia.

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