Alden Ehrenreich

By Travis Martin



Entertainment Weekly has just unveiled the first official look at the war drama “The Yellow Birds. In the photo, actor Alden Ehrenreich is shown gritty and in uniform as the main character Pvt. John Bartle. Originally, actor Will Poulter was cast as Bartle but left. As director Alexandre Moors says to EW, Poulter “took off to do another movie over the summer, and I found myself in a situation where we needed to cast a lead. Looking at all the young talent in Hollywood, I must say I was very early set on Alden. He’s a step above the bunch.”

The film is based off the 2012 novel by the same name, written by Iraq War veteran Kevin Powers. In the film, the character Bartle is doing two things while in Iraq: serving his country, and fulfilling the promise he made to Maureen (Jennifer Aniston) to keep her son and Bartle’s fellow soldier Daniel Murphy (Tye Sheridan) safe. However, Bartle and Murph’s survival proves difficult, as the hostile environment, realities of the Iraq War, and the troubled intensity of their commanding officer, Sergeant Sterling (Jack Huston) impede them. Bartle soon begins to question if he will be able to keep himself and Murph safe, as Maureen’s promise soon begins to disturb him.

The film will also star Toni Collette as Bartle’s mother Amy and Jason Patric as Captain Anderson. The script was written by David Lowery and R.F.I. Porto. “The Yellow Birds” will release sometime in 2017.

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