By Mandela Wells


If there is one era, other than the 20’s, I would go back to it would be the 70’s. Such a creative era, full of expression and new beginnings. Same can be said in the film world. I always love when films go back to this decade hell I love a lot of the films that came from this decade. The Nice Guys” is the latest modern film to go back to the 1970’s, and it features two unlikely actors paired together, Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling.

In the movie Crowe plays Jackson Healey, a mysterious enforcer who hilariously comes across down on his luck P.I Holland March (Gosling). The two partner are forced to team up for a case involving a missing pornstar. The case turns out to be a more elaborate scheme involving the porn industry and the mob out in California. All the while, these two men come to learn more about each other and even utilize the help of Hollands daughter Holly.

Soooo this was pretty decent. I’d give it 3 stars no higher. I was hoping it would be a little bit funnier but it did gets some laughs at of me, not like big laughs but a good array of a laughs. Some scenes were a little bit rushed and some dragged a little but other than that this was a pretty well directed film. Despite that, this is a film that is very good and well written. I actually must say that a sequel would benefit this film because then they could take things up a notch and it would go over well in my opinion. So yes, I am waiting for a Nice Guys 2″ to come

Ryan Gosling is really improving as a comedic actor. His comedic timing and usage of tone in this genre is really good here. He did a fantastic job. Russell Crowe also did a solid job here in a rare comedic role for him. He hit those comedic lines very well and had solid chemistry with Gosling. Angorie Rice was not bad in only her 2nd American film. Quite a detective in the making here with her portrayal of Holly March

The cinematography was great. You get a real wide scope of the 70’s era in LA. It reminded me a lot of Dirty Harry” in that sense but with more advanced lighting. I also really liked the musical choices too.

The Nice Guys gets a thumbs up from me for sure. Go check it out when you can!