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By  Sam Bussell



I am a big Shane Black fan. I am a huge fan of his hit “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and while it has it faults I am a still fan of what he accomplished with “Iron Man 3. While being a very good director, he is without a doubt a fantastic writer and that doesn’t show more than it does in his latest film, “The Nice Guys. Starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, “The Nice Guys” takes place in 1970’s Los Angles and tells the story of a down on his luck P.I named Holland March (Gosling) and a enforcer named Jackson Healy (Crowe) who cross paths in the search of missing girl. This case leads them into the death of a well-known porn actress, which leads them to people who are very wealthy and very powerful. Soon both March and Healy have become involved in the crime of the century and will not rest until the case is solved and justice is served.

When I first saw the trailer for this film I was over the moon excited for it and immediately put it on my most anticipated list of 2016. Each trailer only got me more excited, and after finally seeing the film I can say with certainty that this one of the best films of 2016 so far. It is certainly the best comedy for the year (we still have about half a year left anything is possible). One of the best things of this film is of course the chemistry of the leading stars, Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, from the moment both shared the screen together it was a magical paring and when they work together it is some of the best chemistry between two leading stars I have ever seen, they both hit their marks so well and it doesn’t even seem as though they are acting it just blends together so well. The chemistry hands down reminds to the day of Danny Glover‘s Murtaugh and Mel Gibson‘s Riggs of the Lethal Weapon Franchise. Every delivery they make is perfect and I was hysterical laughing. If I had to pick a standout from the two it would definitely be Ryan Gosling. He has some of the best lines and stints in the film, and he executes them to perfection. Some of the lines that he delivers are the best and just his expressions on some of the comedy bits are absolute priceless.

What really makes this film a blast to watch is the script that is put together by Shane Black. Like I said before he has turned into a very talented director but for the longest time he has been a fantastic writer going back all the way to when he wrote “Lethal Weapon. In latest film, “The Nice Guys” shows what makes this guy such a talented filmmaker and writer working in the industry today. Along with Gosling and Crowe having amazing chemistry is the fact that it all comes together within the script. Along with having a great cast the story in the film is actually a very good and it takes you along for a very good ride. Shane Black is able to mix in great comedic moments with some good action set pieces along with some very good heart to heart moments between both Crowe and Gosling characters and even more so in the moments that are shared between Gosling’s character March and his daughter Holly (who is played by Angourie Rice) who disapproves of her fathers methods in coaxing people into giving him more money. Along with Gosling, she is another scene-stealer who is a great companion to both Crowe and Gosling in solving the case to find Amelia the missing girl (played by Margaret Qualley).

Overall I loved this movie and the ending to the film only gave me hope of seeing a franchise being made out of this with Crowe and Gosling in the two main leads. To me this feels like the newer version of Lethal Weapon with the way the two leads interact and partner up and the kind of plot and case they venture out to solve that gets them into a whole lot of trouble. In the very early weeks of the summer season this is without a doubt up there in my favorites of the summer so far and at the end of the summer movie season it will be up there in my top 5 films of the Summer 2016.